• Ben & Alessa Bradley

Where We Got the Idea for Lovewaves

We love our home. And our home wouldn't be ours with the little things in it that show our memories. ​ In 2016, our first Lovewave was born. It was Ben's gift to Alessa – an audio recording of our favorite sound that we always make across the house to each other: "Eh eh? ... Eh eh!"

Sound Wave Art

You wouldn't get it, and you don't have to. But to display a little piece of our hearts on our walls is a part of our home that brings us the most joy.

We've since created Lovewaves as a way for you to turn your special memories into works of art. We're happy to share a fun part of our lives with you and with your home. And of course, they make great gifts.

We'd love to chat about anything on your mind. Send us a message and we'd be glad to help!

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